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Dom Michael Barrett

October 26 – St. Bean, Bishop, 11th century.

This saint was venerated at Fowls Wester and Kinkell, both in Perthshire. His well is pointed out at the former place, and his fair is held there. St. Bean is inserted in the calendar of the Breviary of Aberdeen, but few particulars of his life are known to us. Tradition makes him Bishop of Mortlach, in Banffshire, though the existence of such a see is not generally admitted. St. Bean, probably resided at Morlach of which he became patron (in succession to St. Moluag see – June 25); he is said to have ruled a monastery of Culdees there. An ancient stone effigy, in existence in the eighteenth century in Mortlach Church, was supposed to represent the saint; nothing of the kind is now to be seen. Balvenie, in the neighbourhood, is thought to be derived from Bal-beni-mor ("dwelling of Bean the Great"). The feast of St. Bean was restored to Scotland by Leo XIII.

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