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Dom Michael Barrett

April 30 – St. Brioc, Bishop, A.D. 500.

This saint was British by birth. He became a disciple of St. Germanus and devoted himself to preaching the Gospel to his fellow-countrymen. Flying for his life from the fury of the pagan Saxons, he passed over the sea to Brittany, and there built a monastery on the sea coast which was afterwards called by his name. The town which grew up in the vicinity became the seat of a bishop, and is still known as St. Brieuc.

There is no record of the saint having visited Scotland, but there was much devotion to him among Celtic peoples, and Scottish dedications bear witness to the honour in which he was held in that country. He is the patron of Rothesay; the church bore the designation of St. Mary and St. Brioc, and "St. Brock's Fair" was held there on the first Wednesday in May. "Brux day fair," which seems to refer to this saint, was instituted in 1585 to be held in July every year on the island of Cumbrae, but it has long ceased to be kept. Dunrod Church, in Kirkcudbright, bears the dedication of St. Mary and St. Brioc. The island of Inchbrayock in the Esk, near Montrose, is called after him. The French keep his feast on May 1st, but in Scotland it was celebrated on April 30th.

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