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Bl. Benedict XI, Pope
July 7

Friar, Master of the Order, and Pope

Nicholas Boccasini was born at Treviso, Italy in 1240 and entered the Order as a young man. He was renowned for both his great compassion and his love for the common life. He served as provincial of Lombardy and was elected the ninth Master of the Order in 1296. His administrative skills were noted by Pope Boniface VIII who appointed him a cardinal. Nicholas stood by the pope when he was ill-treated by Nogaret, the ambassador of the French King, Philip the Fair. In 1303 Nicholas himself was elected pope and took the name Benedict. In the nine months of his pontificate he made great effort to bring peace to England and Germany and to reconcile France with the Papacy. He died suddenly at Perugia on July 7, 1304.

Source: Holy Dominicans: Biographical Summaries & Feast Days of Dominican Saints and Blesseds with Selected Patrons and Commemorations, The Dominican Province of St. Joseph, New York, NY, 1997.

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