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Bl. Catherine of Racconigi
September 4

Lay Dominican and Virgin

Blessed Catherine was born at Racconigi, a village in Piedmont, in 1486 of very poor parents and she continued to suffer hardship and poverty throughout her entire life. She showed an affinity for prayer at an early age and was finally received into the Order of Penance. Because the friars of the Order were suspicious of her mystical gifts, she became the object of detraction and persecution which continued until the end of her life. In the midst of such difficulties she would pray, “Jesus alone is my hope.” She worked untiringly to bring peace to her region and died at Carmagnola on September 4, 1547.

Source: Holy Dominicans: Biographical Summaries & Feast Days of Dominican Saints and Blesseds with Selected Patrons and Commemorations, The Dominican Province of St. Joseph, New York, NY, 1997.

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