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St. John of Cologne and Companions
July 9

Friar and Priest and Martyrs

John Heer was born in Cologne, Germany, at the beginning of the sixteenth century and entered the Order in his native city. He was sent to Holland where he served as parish priest at Hoornaer. In 1572 the Calvinist forces took the city of Gorcum and imprisoned its Catholic clergy. Saint John learned of their plight and went to minister to them, but was himself captured. For several days their captors treated the prisoners with incredible cruelty. They were then taken to Briel, Holland, where they were offered their freedom if they would deny the primacy of the pope and abandon the Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist. This they refused to do. Saint John and his companions were hanged on the night of July 8-9, 1572.

Source: Holy Dominicans: Biographical Summaries & Feast Days of Dominican Saints and Blesseds with Selected Patrons and Commemorations, The Dominican Province of St. Joseph, New York, NY, 1997.

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