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Catholic Prayers

Prayer after Communion

I give thee thanks, eternal Father, for having, out of Thy pure mercy, without any deserts of mine, been pleased to feed my soul with the Body and Blood of Thy only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I beseech Thee, that this Holy Communion may not be to my condemnation, but prove an effectual remission of all my sins.

May it strengthen my faith; encourage in me all that is good; deliver me from sinful habits; remove all concupiscence; perfect me in charity, patience, humility, and obedience, and in all other virtues.

May it secure me against all the snares of mine enemies, both visible and invisible; perfectly moderate all my inclinations; closely unite me to Thee, the true and only good, and happily settle me in unchangeable bliss.

I now make it my hearty request, that Thou wilt one day admit me, though an unworthy sinner, to be a guest at that divine banquet, where Thou, with Thy Son and the Holy Spirit, art the true light, eternal fullness, everlasting joy and perfect happiness of all the Saints, through the same Christ our Lord.

Most tender Jesus, may thy most sacred Body and Blood be my soul's sweetness and delight; health and holiness in every temptation, joy and peace in every sorrow, light and strength in every word and work, and my last safeguard in death.


St. Thomas Aquinas

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