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Catholic Prayers

Prayer after Confession

O almighty and most merciful God,
I give You thanks with all the powers of my soul
for this and all other mercies, graces, and blessings bestowed on me,
and prostrating myself at Your sacred feet,
I offer myself to be henceforth forever Yours.
Let nothing in life or death ever separate me from You!
I renounce with my whole soul all my treasons against You,
and all the abominations and sins of my past life.
I renew my promises made in Baptism,
and from this moment I dedicate myself eternally to Your love and service.
Grant that for the time to come,
I may detest sin more than death itself,
and avoid all such occasions and companies as have unhappily brought me to it.
This I resolve to do by the aid of Your divine grace,
without which I can do nothing.

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