Prayer/Prayer to Excite One's Self to Repentance

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Catholic Prayers

Prayer to Excite One's Self to Repentance

I BESEECH Thee, O Lord, to grant me the grace which
I need, and which I earnestly desire to obtain. I ask
it with confidence, since I know I ought to have a deep
contrition and abiding and sincere sentiments of sorrow
for my sins. I ask of Thee that feeling of shame which
should make me blush for myself. Many souls have
been lost by a single mortal sin. How many times have
I not merited this judgment for my many and great sins

I ask of Thee an intense sorrow for having committed
them, tears to weep over them, a broken and contrite
heart at the memory of them.

What a sight for me, a sinner, to behold Jesus Christ
living and in agony on the tree of the cross! O my
Creator and Redeemer, how great was Thy love when
Thou didst will to exchange heaven for earth, the glory
of Thy heavenly life for this life of pain, and to suffer a
death of infamy for me – for my sins.

Look, O my soul; look at and consider thy past life
what hast thou done for Jesus Christ in the past at this
present time what art thou doing for Jesus Christ in
the future what wilt thou do for Jesus Christ ? Speak,
O my soul, with Jesus crucified; tell Him thy thoughts,
tell them to Him with all simplicity; tell them to Him
just as thou thinkest them.

Pour out thyself, O my heart, to thy God. Let thy
thoughts turn from Him to thyself; thy prayer is always
good and fervent when it is true and sincere, when it
speaks as a friend speaks to his friend, as a subject
speaks to his king, as a slave speaks to his master.
Accuse thyself, O my soul, of the evil thou hast done,
declare all thy wounds, thy weakness, thy doubts, thy
waverings, thy most secret thoughts.

May the Lord, my Creator, cure me and shelter me
beneath His pardoning grace.


St. Ignatius

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