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Catholic Prayers

Salutation of the Most Blessed Virgin

HAIL, O Blessed Lady, Queen most holy,
Mother of God, Mary, perpetual Virgin,
chosen from the highest Heaven by the most
Holy Father, consecrated by Him and by
His most holy, dear Son and Spirit, the Consoler,
you in whom are found and in whom
dwell the fullness of grace and universal good.
Hail, palace of God! Hail, temple of God! Hail,
house of the Lord! Hail, clothing of the Lord!
Hail, handmaid of the Lord! Hail, Mother of
God! Hail, O all ye holy virtues, which by the
grace and illumination of the Holy Spirit you
infuse in the heart of the faithful, and make of
the faithless the disciples of God!


St. Francis

In different editions this prayer is followed by this other prayer to the Virgin: "Holy Mother of God, who art fair and gentle, invoke for us thy most sweet Son our Lord Jesus Christ, so that by His very pitiful mercy and the virtue of His most holy Incarnation and very cruel death He may forgive us our sins. Amen." It is given thus in the Speculum of 1509. Cf. Sabatier, Opusc. de Crit. Hist., II, 164. But at the beginning of the seventeenth century, Spoelberch's edition of the Speculum (First part, pp. 176-178) no longer gives this text. Cf. Wadding, Opusc. p. 107.

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