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Catholic Prayers

Salutation of the Virtues

HAIL, O Wisdom, O Queen, may the Lord
keep thee and thy sister holy and pure Simplicity!
Lady holy Poverty, may the Lord keep
thee, thee and thy sister holy Humility! Holy
Lady Charity, may the Lord keep thee, thee
and thy sister holy Obedience! O all you most
holy Virtues, may the Lord keep you, He is your
source and from Him you come. There is absolutely
not one man in this world who can possess
a single one of them without first dying to himself.
He who possesses one, if he does not hurt
any of the others, possesses them all; he who
hurts one, possesses none and offends them all.
Each one of them puts vices and sins to confusion.
Holy Wisdom confounds Satan and all his
devices. Pure and holy Simplicity confounds all
the wisdom of this world and the wisdom of the
flesh. Holy Poverty confounds all covetousness,
avarice and conformity to this world. Holy
Humility confounds pride and all men of this
world and all that is in the world. Holy Charity
confounds all diabolical and carnal temptations,
all fear of nature. Holy Obedience confounds all
the wishes of the body and of the flesh, it keeps
the body in mortification ready to obey the
spirit, ready to obey its brother; it makes a
man submissive to all men of this world, and
not only to men, but also to animals and savage
beasts which can do what they will with him, so
long as it may be granted to them from above
by the Lord.


St. Francis

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