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Translated by: Fathers of the English Dominican Province
(Benziger Bros. edition, 1947)



The Second Part of the Second Part



1. Of Faith

2. Of the Act of Faith

3. Of the Outward Act of Faith

4. Of the Virtue Itself of Faith

5. Of Those Who Have Faith

6. Of the Cause of Faith

7. Of the Effects of Faith

8. Of the Gift of Understanding

9. Of the Gift of Knowledge

10. Of Unbelief in General

11. Of Heresy

12. Of Apostasy

13. Of the Sin of Blasphemy, in General

14. Of Blasphemy Against the Holy Ghost

15. Of the Vices Opposed to Knowledge and Understanding

16. Of the Precepts of Faith, Knowledge, and Understanding



17. Of Hope, Considered in Itself

18. Of the Subject of Hope

19. Of the Gift of Fear

20. Of Despair

21. Of Presumption

22. Of the Precepts Relating to Hope and Fear



23. Of Charity, Considered in Itself

24. Of the Subject of Charity

25. Of the Object of Charity

26. Of the Order of Charity

27. Of the Principal Act of Charity, Which Is to Love

28. Of Joy

29. Of Peace

30. Of Mercy

31. Of Beneficence

32. Of Almsdeeds

33. Of Fraternal Correction

34. Of Hatred

35. Of Sloth

36. Of Envy

37. Of Discord, Which Is Contrary to Peace

38. Of Contention

39. Of Schism

40. Of War

41. Of Strife

42. Of Sedition

43. Of Scandal

44. Of the Precepts of Charity

45. Of the Gift of Wisdom

46. Of Folly Which Is Opposed to Wisdom



47. Of Prudence Considered in Itself

48. Of the Parts of Prudence

49. Of Each Quasi-integral Part of Prudence

50. Of the Subjective Parts of Prudence

51. Of the Virtues Which Are Connected with Prudence

52. Of the Gift of Counsel

53. Of Imprudence

54. Of Negligence

55. Of Vices Opposed to Prudence by Way of Resemblance

56. Of the Precepts Relating to Prudence



57. Of Right

58. Of Justice

59. Of Injustice

60. Of Judgment

61. Of the Parts of Justice

62. Of Restitution

63. Of Respect of Persons

64. Of Murder

65. Of Injuries Committed on the Person

66. Of Theft and Robbery

67. Of the Injustice of a Judge, in Judging

68. Of Matters Concerning Unjust Accusation

69. Of Sins Committed Against Justice on the Part of the Defendant

70. Of Injustice with Regard to the Person of the Witness

71. Of Injustice in Judgment on the Part of Counsel

72. Of Reviling

73. Of Backbiting

74. Of Tale-Bearing

75. Of Derision

76. Of Cursing

77. Of Cheating, Which is Committed in Buying and Selling

78. Of the Sin of Usury

79. Of the Quasi-integral Parts of Justice

80. Of the Potential Parts of Justice

81. Of Religion

82. Of Devotion

83. Of Prayer

84. Of Adoration

85. Of Sacrifice

86. Of Oblations and First-fruits

87. Of Tithes

88. Of Vows

89. Of Oaths

90. Of the Taking of God's Name by Way of Adjuration

91. Of Taking the Divine Name for the Purpose of Invoking It by Means of Praise

92. Of Superstition

93. Of Superstition Consisting in Undue Worship of the True God

94. Of Idolatry

95. Of Superstition in Divinations

96. Of Superstition in Observances

97. Of the Temptation of God

98. Of Perjury

99. Of Sacrilege

100. On Simony

101. Of Piety

102. Of Observance, Considered in Itself, and of Its Parts

103. Of Dulia

104. Of Obedience

105. Of Disobedience

106. Of Thankfulness or Gratitude

107. Of Ingratitude

108. Of Vengeance

109. Of Truth

110. Of the Vices Opposed to Truth, and First of Lying

111. Of Dissimulation and Hypocrisy

112. Of Boasting

113. Of Irony

114. Of the Friendliness Which is Called Affability

115. Of Flattery

116. Of Quarreling

117. Of Liberality

118. Of the Vices Opposed to Liberality, and in the First Place, of Covetousness

119. Of Prodigality

120. Of "Epikeia" or Equity

121. Of Piety

122. Of the Precepts of Justice



123. Of Fortitude

124. Of Martyrdom

125. Of Fear

126. Of Fearlessness

127. Of Daring

128. Of the Parts of Fortitude

129. Of Magnanimity

130. Of Presumption

131. Of Ambition

132. Of Vainglory

133. Of Pusillanimity

134. Of Magnificence

135. Of Meanness

136. Of Patience

137. Of Perseverance

138. Of the Vices Opposed to Perseverance

139. Of the Gift of Fortitude

140. Of the Precepts of Fortitude

141. Of Temperance

142. Of the Vices Opposed to Temperance

143. Of the Parts of Temperance, in General

144. Of Shamefacedness

145. Of Honesty

146. Of Abstinence

147. Of Fasting

148. Of Gluttony

149. Of Sobriety

150. Of Drunkenness

151. Of Chastity

152. Of Virginity

153. Of Lust

154. Of the Parts of Lust

155. Of Continence

156. Of Incontinence

157. Of Clemency and Meekness

158. Of Anger

159. Of Cruelty

160. Of Modesty

161. Of Humility

162. Of Pride

163. Of the First Man's Sin

164. Of the Punishments of the First Man's Sin

165. Of Our First Parents' Temptation

166. Of Studiousness

167. Of Curiosity

168. Of Modesty as Consisting in the Outward Movements of the Body

169. Of Modesty in the Outward Apparel

170. Of the Precepts of Temperance



171. Of Prophecy

172. Of the Cause of Prophecy

173. Of the Manner in Which Prophetic Knowledge Is Conveyed

174. Of the Division of Prophecy

175. Of Rapture

176. Of the Grace of Tongues

177. Of the Gratuitous Grace Consisting in Words

178. Of the Grace of Miracles

179. Of the Division of Life Into Active and Contemplative

180. Of the Contemplative Life

181. Of the Active Life

182. Of the Active Life in Comparison With the Contemplative Life

183. Of Man's Various Duties and States in General

184. Of the State of Perfection in General

185. Of Things Pertaining to the Episcopal State

186. Of Those Things in Which the Religious State Properly Consists

187. Of Those Things That Are Competent to Religious

188. Of the Different Kinds of Religious Life

189. Of the Entrance Into Religious Life

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