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About Saint Wiki


Saint Wiki's Mission Statement

To develop an online location for the exchange of information concerning theological and philosophical concepts; to promote online interaction regarding these concepts through topical discussions and essays; and to work toward the develop of a comprehensive Catholic library. The Saint Wiki site will endeavor to remain free and available to everyone -- free including free of charge as well as free of advertisement and promotion. The Saint Wiki administrators are to ensure that this site remains faithful and obedient to the Magisterium in all material respects.[1]

The Saint Wiki website is operated by Aquin Media and The Catholic Primer.

  1. However, certain writings on the Saint Wiki site may not be free of all doctrinal error -- most notably, non-Catholic writings that may included for ecumenical purposes and certain writings of the Church Fathers that were produced before certain doctrines were established as infallible. These writings are necessary for proper theological study. Where such writings are located on the site, administrators, authors, and editors are requested to denote the presence of doctrinal error.

Information About Saint Wiki

Who is Saint Wiki?

Actually, Saint Wiki isn't a "who," rather a "what." The word "Wiki" is Hawaiian for "quick" and in Internet parlance refers to particular type of Web interface that allows for quick and easy project collaberation. "Saint Wiki" is a new project to create a collaberative site that contains a wide variety of topics related to the Catholic faith. Saint Wiki will only include information that is faithful to the Magisterium.

How to Participate in the Saint Wiki Project

You can participate by authoring one or more articles, by contributing to articles written by others, by providing proof reading and editorial assistance, by providing a fidelity check on the articles, and by prayer. However, unlike many Wikis that allow virtually anyone to post, authorship in this site will be limited for the time being so that a solid foundation can be set. If you would like to help, you must contact Bob in order to get an ID and password necessary to gain authorship access to this site.

To participate in the Saint Wiki project, please contact Bob at

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