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Meditations on the Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
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Dominican Friar

Translated from the Latin
A Secular Priest
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Pray for Us.

Thomas Richardson and Son
Dublin and Derby


  1. First Chapter.--A Confession on bended knees to implore God's goodness
  2. Second Chapter.--A devout Meditation and Thanksgiving on the Incarnation and Life of Jesus
  3. Third Chapter.--Of the washing of the disciples' feet
  4. Fourth Chapter.--Of the Institution of the Worshipful and most August Sacrament
  5. Fifth Chapter.--A devout Prayer to the Worshipful Sacrament
  6. Sixth Chapter.--A devout Exercise on the Passion of our Lord
  7. Seventh Chapter.--Of the great Sorrow and Anguish which Christ underwent in the Garden, at the thought of His Passion hanging over Him
  8. Eighth Chapter.--A Prayer and Offering for Sins
  9. Ninth Chapter.--A Prayer to the Son for Pardon, and the grace of Self-denial
  10. Tenth Chapter.--Jesus goeth to meet His Enemies
  11. Eleventh Chapter.--A Prayer for perfect Self-denial and Love
  12. Twelfth Chapter.--Jesus is taken and bound
  13. Thirteenth Chapter.--A very humble Confession of Sins, and a Prayer to the Father for Forgiveness
  14. Fourteenth Chapter.--Jesus is forsaken by His Disciples
  15. Fifteenth Chapter.--Jesus is led to Annas
  16. Sixteenth Chapter.--A Prayer that we may follow Christ
  17. Seventeenth Chapter.--Jesus is led to Caiaphas
  18. Eighteenth Chapter.--Mary followeth Jesus her Son
  19. Nineteenth Chapter.--Of the Compassion of the Virgin Mother for her Son
  20. Twentieth Chapter.--Jesus is delivered to Pilate
  21. Twenty-first Chapter.--A Prayer that we may perfectly follow and love Jesus
  22. Twenty-second Chapter.--Jesus is led to Herod
  23. Twenty-third Chapter.--Christ, after having been set at nought by Herod, is led back to Pilate
  24. Twenty-fourth Chapter.--Jesus is fearfully scourged
  25. Twenty-fifth Chapter.--A devout Prayer for the forgiveness of sins, and for resignation, and the love of Jesus
  26. Twenty-sixth Chapter.--Jesus is crowned with thorns
  27. Twenty-seventh Chapter.--A Prayer for enlightenment
  28. Twenty-eighth Chapter.--Christ is shown to the people by the Governor, with the words: "Behold the Man!"
  29. Twenty-ninth Chapter.--The burden of the Cross is laid on Jesus
  30. Thirtieth Chapter.--Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, followeth her sorrowing Son
  31. Thirty-first Chapter.--A Prayer to the Father of Heaven
  32. Thirty-second Chapter.--Jesus is given vinegar to drink
  33. Thirty-third Chapter.--Jesus is again stripped of His garments
  34. Thirty-fourth Chapter.--Jesus is fastened on the Cross
  35. Thirty-fifth Chapter.--A Prayer to Jesus Crucified
  36. Thirty-sixth Chapter.--Jesus with the Cross is lifted up on high
  37. Thirty-seventh Chapter.--Jesus was numbered with thieves
  38. Thirty-eighth Chapter.--Of the glorious title of Christ's Cross
  39. Thirty-ninth Chapter.--Jesus clotheth those who had crucified Him
  40. Fortieth Chapter.--Jesus is attacked with blasphemies
  41. Forty-first Chapter.--A devout confession and prayer for sins
  42. Forty-second Chapter.--To stir up the soul to praise God
  43. Forty-third Chapter.--Jesus saveth the thief
  44. Forty-fourth Chapter.--Jesus addresseth His sorrow-stricken Mother
  45. Forty-fifth Chapter.--The Sun is darkened
  46. Forty-sixth Chapter.--"My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
  47. Forty-seventh Chapter.--Jesus complaineth of His thirst
  48. Forty-eighth Chapter.--Jesus drinketh vinegar and gall upon the Cross
  49. Forty-ninth Chapter.--"It is finished”
  50. Fiftieth Chapter.--"Father, into Thy hands I commend My Spirit"
  51. Fifty-first Chapter.--Jesus giveth up the Ghost
  52. Fifty-second Chapter.--The veil of the temple is rent in twain
  53. Fifty-third Chapter.--Jesus is pierced with the lance
  54. Fifty-fourth Chapter.--Jesus is taken down from the Cross
  55. Fifty-fifth Chapter.--A devout prayer for conformity to the sacred life and crucified image of Jesus Christ
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